Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What makes Swagefast fasteners unique?

Swagefast fasteners never need to be tightened/torqued because of the annular locking groove

- High vibration stress test proved that fasteners consistently maintained 98% of their pre-load

- Visual inspection verify correct fastener installation.

- Wide grip ranges decrease fastener part numbers and inventory levels.

- Uniform clamp force is consistent.

- Long term reliable joint

- Longer fatigue life

- Vibration resistant

- Less downtime

- Tamper resistant proof

- Increase productivity

- Lower installation costs

- Consistent installation results

- Improved quality and reliability

Shy away from the old system of fastening that leaves loopholes for your fasteners to either wear out, be tampered with, has short life fatigue, reduce productivity and are extremely expensive. Contact Swagefast now  for a quote on the contact details provided above.

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