Friday, 24 April 2015

What to remember when choosing your Swagefast fastening system

Note the following when choosing your Swagefast Fastening system:

-The material of the fastener or its coating should be compatible with the application material;
-The fastener diameter is determined by the shear and tensile strength required;
-The fastener length is determined by the total material thickness that required fastening. Order by diameter required and total material thickness that requires fastening;
-It is recommended that a standard collar is used where the holes on the application does not exceed the maximum hole sizing specifications;
-It is recommended that a flanged (CF) collar is used where the holes on the application are worn or sizing exceeds the maximum hole sizing specification;
-Fastener heads are determined by clearance requirements;

Swagefast Installation Equipment

Swagefast installation equipment/Tooling systems work with the fastener to pull to pull and clamp the application together with ease and safety in mind. an installation equipment system comprises of a nose assembly, Hose Set and Power Rig Unit. The Power rig drives the tool and the Nose Assembly provides the installation link between the Fastener and the Tool. Installation Tools and Nose Assemblies are designed to install specific fastener types and diameters. the choice of the installation equipment system is determined by the fastener type, diameter, application and intended usage.

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