Wednesday, 3 June 2015

2015 Markex Seminar

15 Marketing trends in 2015

1)   The Internet of Things. IOT makes all of our devices smart and controllable from anywhere.
2)   Live video streaming as content marketing.  Think about Red Bull TV, Apple announcements, etc.
3)   Mobile grabs the mic. There is going to be a greater focus on optimization and experience.
4)   Brand newsrooms on the rise. Speedy content production for marketing will take a priority, and brands will continue to become media companies.
5)   Chief social media officers take the chair. Social media natives may be invited to the c-suite in the near future to help integrate social with other tactics and contribute to the sales funnel in a significant way.
6)   Digital advertising will continue to rise and become more targeted, and it needs to be interrupt-driven to succeed to capture prospect attention.
7)   A mobile-first approach to everything, especially responsive design is imperative today because tablets out use PCs.
8)   When it comes to content marketing, marketers need to think about content as free-flowing, instead of thinking about the container that content is housed in, such as the device or medium.
9)   Marketers should remember that the media universe of a typical consumer is scattered,and most of the time, they’re using two screens at a time. Are you planning for this fragmented attention span?
10)  Reality: many of us aren’t prepared for the enormous am

ounts of data we are provided today. Marketers need to concentrate on sifting through the data and gathering real meaning, if we expect to make a real-difference in our organizations.
11) Brands should be content publishers, but may have to relinquish control over the message to tell better stories. At first, this may seem like a red flag to marketers, but is necessary to get outside of the box and connect with audiences.
12) The real-time marketing that everyone is trying to embody right now will also fade. In its place, right-time will replace real time marketing. Everyone is chasing the latest trending topic since Oreo – but it’s not necessarily the best strategy. Observe the faults of brands that have failed at real-time marketing by not understanding context or not including it as part of a long-term strategy, rather, a one-off hit.
13)  Digital customer service is also one of those things we can’t just ignore, says Quinn. 50% of customer service interactions now begin on a computer. But digital customer service is easy to talk about, but hard to implement. Stop treating social media customer service like a squeaky wheel, and implement systems for social listening and approved responses.
14)   Pay to play on social channels is necessary. Social media spoiled us previously by allowing us not to spend. To reach more people, we have to pay. But with paying, comes careful targeting to make the most out of our dollars and get more return.
15)  It’s also time to spend more time crunching numbers to demonstrate why social deserves budget.

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