Monday, 23 May 2016

Introduction to Swagefast


Introduction to Swagefast

Swagefast is a leading supplier of complete fastening systems, including a range of standard and industrial fasteners, bearings, belting, Swagelok® products, Swagebolt pins and collars, installation equipment and spares as well as specialised fasteners designed to customer specifications.

Leveraging our experience and expertise in various sectors, we are able to match the best solutions for our clients’ needs.  Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to customer-oriented innovation, and is committed to driving maximum efficiency and productivity through tried-and-tested, easy-to-use products and solutions that offer unmatched quality and reliability for a wide range of applications.

Swagefast first entered the South African market in 1994.  Since then, we have built up our reputation on delivering quick response and reliable service which is backed by value-added after-sales support.  Our philosophy for building up lasting partnerships with our clients, along with our hands-on approach, remains the cornerstone of our success and ensures that you get the best advice and service from the specialists in fasteners and fastening technology.

Our Fasteners

Swagefast manufactures a complete range of Swagebolts and Collars ranging up to 28mm in diameter. The stan-dard grip range manufactured ranges from 6mm-90mm, with head markings that makes identifying the correct pin length to be used easy for the installation process.

The Swagebolts are available with three head types namely “Brazier” or  Button which is commonly known as a “Round Head”, the “Countersunk” or “Flat Head” and the “Truss Head” which is a Button Head with a lowered profile.

Swagefast also specialize in standard fasteners made from mild or high tensile steel, as well as stainless steel fasteners that are used where corrosive fluids are in play.

Our Installation Equipment

Swagefast manufactures Swagepac power units as well as the complete range of Installation Tool that is used for the installation of Swagebolts.  Swagepac’s are available in 220V/380V or 525V  derivatives which are commonly used.

Installation Tooling are manufactured “in house” and are available for all sizes of Swagebolts.  We also manufacture CQ-Close Quartered Installation Tools to be used where limited space is available and standard Installation Tools are unable to operate due to space restrictions.

Swagefast not only manufacture and supply the Installation Equipment, we also have Rental Installation Equipment available for your convenience.  Our well trained staff can service and maintain your Installation Tooling investment.