Welcome to Swagefast Fastening Systems for sub-Saharan Africa

Swagefast Fastening Systems is a full-service distributor supplying a wide range of standard and specialised fasteners to construction and industrial trades across Africa, including essential components for solar energy plants, mining applications and rail infrastructure, among others.

We recognise that good quality fasteners are the cornerstone of manufacturing and assembly. We strive to provide clients with the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective fastening solution to meet the demands of a wide range of applications. 


SwagefastTM is recognised as industry’s leading supplier of fasteners, nuts and bolts in South Africa, distributing quality fastening systems and support solutions nationally as well as into Africa.
Our core expertise lies within the fields of mining, solar energy, rail infrastructure, transportation, power generation, engineering and construction and agriculture sectors. As a result of our unique industry experience and understanding of manufacturing processes, we have excelled in these markets, providing advanced fastener solutions to meet the demands of challenging environments and deliver value over the lifetime of the project.

       Fasteners for Mining 

From surface to underground mining equipment, the Swagebolt installation system provides a high strength, vibration resistant fastening solution that reduces downtime and improves safety standards by removing sheet gap and maintaining tension over time.

Fasteners for Solar Energy

Swagefast supports the growing renewable energy sector in South Africa by supplying Swagebolt Pins & Collars and installation equipment to manufacturers of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic (PV) systems.

     Fasteners for Railways

Swagefast’sTM range of standard and custom fasteners, nuts and bolts are designed with proper clamp, vibration resistance and fatigue life in mind to ensure reduced maintenance and greater track integrity in rail infrastructure applications.

    Fasteners for Petrochemicals

SwagefastTM is a recognised partner to the petrochemicals industry. Our specialty bolts and fasteners are widely used in the construction of steam turbines, pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchanges and cooling towers.

   Fasteners for Transportation & Leisure

High loads require high quality fasteners. SwagefastTM works with OEM manufacturers to provide critical fasteners and innovative assembly solutions to ensure smooth production and longer service life for large trailers and caravans.

    Fasteners for Power Generation

SwagefastTM specialises in the supply of specialty fasteners and turbine components that are able to live up to the quality and safety demands of the energy industry, as well as experience of high temperature materials.

    Fasteners for Engineering & Construction

We offer a wide range of fastening technologies and standard structural fasteners to provide increased productivity and efficiency for large-scale projects across the engineering and construction sectors.

    Fasteners for Agriculture

SwagefastTM offers high strength, high integrity nut and bolt fasteners suited for the manufacture of heavy-duty equipment and machinery used in the agriculture sector, including sugar and timber mills, combine harvesters, and tractors.

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